KRR Inc. is one of the leading HVAC companies in Southwestern Ontario providing high-quality and customized equipment installations to both the industrial and commercial sectors. We are a one-stop-shop for sheet metal fabrication that produces a first-rate product that exceeds all expectations. 

KRR’s fabrication shop is able to customize designs to ensure exceptional performance while capitalizing on the provided space. Completed projects include the installation of Camfil’s largest dust collector project, the design of an extrusion cooling chamber, custom exhaust hood and ventilation systems, MUA replacements and much more! 

We strive to provide turnkey solutions for our customers that provide a high-end product, efficiency and minimal equipment downtime. We will design, manufacture, integrate and install these solutions to meet the widest variety of needs according to our customers requirements.

Cryogenic Profile Cooling Chamber
Gold Series X-Flo Dust Collector
KKR-DynaMig-DustCollector-Photo-7 (All logos, Cropped, Cleaned)

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Past projects of krr

Our customers understand how challenging controlling air quality can be in their plant. This is why they trust KRR Inc. to install the best equipment to fit their production and safety needs. We installed Camfil’s Gold Series X-Flow dust collector, which uses crossflow technology and a unique baffle configuration to create a uniform airflow that extends the life of your filters. Filter cartridges last longer and require fewer changeouts, reducing the total cost of ownership. They exceed OSHA mandates for factory air quality and come with an easily customizable design. This allows KRR to include custom sheet metal work into the project in order to fit the customer’s demands.

KRR installed another X-Flow Dust Collector from Camfil at Dyna-Mig, Stratford. 

This project is the largest to date for both Camfil and KRR. 



Born out of a RAPRA research project, Ballotini vulcanization channels contain a bed of glass beads fluidized by hot air. The combination produces heat transfer rates 5 to 8 times faster than conventional high velocity hot air ovens. This is the curing medium of choice for high speed production of supported EPDM extrusion profiles for the automotive industry. Depending on the profile, line speeds of up to 36m/min (120 ft/min) can be achieved.
KRR Inc. has evolved the design of these ovens to:

  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce line start-up times by employing advanced control schemes.

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Typically used as the first part of a profile curing system, microwave hot air ovens from KRR apply heating power using targeted high temperature air streams and a unique UHF spread pattern for the highest heat delivery in the industry.

• Air speeds to 4000 ft/min (20m/s) and 650°C.
• Self-guiding under air stream that supports the profile for conveyor-less transport.
• Live air-speed monitoring for diagnostic purposes.
• Profile channel temperature control is standard + or – 2 degrees C for each oven zone. Set-point ramping and cascade PID included.
• Master air speed is adjustable for 50% to 100% of the specified air speed of each section.
• UHF power to 24kW available with circulators and tuning to minimize reflected power for long magnetron life.
• Wave traps to reflect fugitive microwaves reducing lost power.
• Standard 6 kW magnetrons (YJ1600) and power spreading waveguide to avoid profile blisters.
• Pneumatically operated lids by 1 lever handle per section.
• Conveyor transport of unsupported profiles and rollers pockets for supported sections are both provided standard.
• Profile entry conveyor retractable with swing arm option available.
• Two profile break safety alarms (entry and exit) are provided as a smart alarm system connected to your extruders and pullers.
• CO2 fire suppression nozzles provided every 3m. Fire control sensors and systems available upon request.
Auxiliary Equipment
• Water wash tank for profile cooling.

Make-up air units provide our customers with tempered fresh air to offset any air produced by their mechanical equipment. High quality air, heated or cooled, has always been a priority for our industrial customers.
This is why they trust KRR. Check out the MUA unit we installed at Canadian General Towers!

The cryogenic profile cooling chamber offers a solution to plastic extrusion where surface defects are formed from traditional calibrator block and water cooling.  Using liquid Nitrogen, the unit can cool high velocity air to -100 °F (-73 °C).  Optional versions can nozzle inject the air to one or both ends of the cavity depending on the length of the unit.

Building on past experience, KRR Inc. now provides solutions to exhaust channel icing as well as internal injection nozzle icing.

For more profile control, an extended bonnet manual liquid Nitrogen valving is also provided at the entrance of the unit for use directly on the profile as it exits the extrusion die.

Since Nitrogen is an asphyxiant, a full safety sequence for recirculation and exhaust air proving is provided.  The shutdown purge timing system mirrors the safety systems provided for gas fired EPDM extrusion profile curing systems also provided by KRR Inc. (pictured below).

KRR supplied and installed a replacement Airwise packages MUA unit c/w dehumidification at Diamond Aircraft in London, ON. 



KRR curently holds a contract with Thames Valley District School Board; meaning we are able to perform preventative maintenance services, after hour calls, and complete HVAC, sheet metal, electrical and plumbing projects in specific zones.

The pictures below are from a recent plumbing job. Replacement of the DHW boiler isolation valves and heat exchanger due to leaking at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School (TVDSB).

KRR installed a new Camfil GSX-40 Dust Collector and Ambient Ventilation System at PAKFAB Inc. This included custom ductwork and electrical for the unit.