At KRR Inc. our fully certified and experienced staff are dedicated to providing full-service to all residential, commercial and industrial customers. A seasonal preventative maintenance program can be arranged and discussed with each customer to tailor their individual requirement.


We are experienced in the industrial sector and understand the importance of production optimization in customer’s equipment like chillers, boilers, HVAC units, furnaces and air compressors and will be served by our highly trained mechanics. Our familiarity with large multi-facing projects prove to meet your needs for a quick turnaround, accountability and responsiveness.


KRR Inc. offers full service, maintenance and installation for commercial needs. We have the equipment and expertise to response to a wide range of environments. Whether it is long-term, replacing, or upgrading, KRR Inc. is available with our certified and dedicated workers for all your commercial needs.


For our residential customers, we can supply and install up to date and lost efficient furnaces and air conditioning units. Service calls are handled in a timely and professional manner.