crane_11At KRR Inc., industrial and commercial installations are a challenging and rewarding part of our business. The goal is to provide the best possible results while keeping costs as absolutely low as possible. These contradictory aims explain the challenge. Our fully certified and experienced staff are dedicated to providing the best results day after day. Their pride and commitment to their work is what gives KRR Inc. the good name it has in this field. At the same time, it is our back-office support staff who bring in the jobs and keeps everyone busy. It’s a challenge securing this work in today’s hyper-competitive market. Our office staff have trusted contacts throughout the industry. Whether KRR Inc. is performing as a general- or sub-contractor, our staff, partners and contacts give us the team required for these complex jobs.

KRR_oven_3 Our customers in the industrial sector require optimum production from their equipment. High-quality goods, produced efficiently and quickly, and with minimal equipment downtime are what our customers are after and is what KRR Inc. provides. Our turnkey solutions for chillers, boilers, HVAC units, furnaces and air compressors meet these needs. KRR Inc. will design, manufacture, integrate and install solutions to meet the widest variety of needs in the industrial sector. We design and integrate whatever automation systems are required. We use a full line of compatible software and hardware and are not tied to a specific vendor. Automation is often the key to savings!


KRR Inc. offers full service, maintenance and installation for commercial needs. We have the equipment and expertise to respond to a wide range of environments and to satisfy even the most stringent requirements. Whether it is long-term, replacing or upgrading, KRR Inc. is available with our certified and dedicated workers for all your commercial needs.

KRR_oven_10KRR Inc. has identified industrial and commercial installations as a key area for the continued growth of our company. Our team has the experience, dedication and focus needed to accomplish this challenge. We are proud of our accomplishments in these areas over the past twenty years and we greatly look forward to the next twenty as we continue to serve our customers with the highest levels of professionalism, commitment and accountability.

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