KRR is an established electrical contractor located in Stratford servicing South Western Ontario. We offer a variety of electrical services including installations and renovations, preventative maintenance, diagnostics and calibrations, instrumentation and IT support, and more!

Our primary focus is on the industrial and commercial sectors. We have completed projects such as installing electrical components for Dust Collectors, maintenance of coffee roaster equipment, fire alarm integrations, LED lighting and panel installs. 

Our electrical and controls department can design, manufacture, integrate and install solutions to meet the widest variety of needs. We will build your project according to all ESA and TSSA standards and codes. 

Our turnkey solutions provide customers with minimal downtime, less maintenance costs and fewer emergency service calls. 

We are proud of our accomplishments over the last 20 years in this area of our business! KRR has the resources, experience and aptitude to make your project a reality! 

Past and Current Projects

LED lighting and panel install at Curtiss Wright. 


Dyna-Mig dust collector electrical work.